Magazines and Newspapers

“Comments on Fossil Fuel Divestment”

“Three cheers for tolls”

“Citizen Activism, History, and the Environmental Crisis”

“The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future”

“$1000 Question- Did the population bomb ever explode?”

After Words: Conversation about “The Bet” with Dina Cappiello

“Betting on the Apocalypse”

“The Big Idea: Can Innovation Save Us?”

“The Decline of Republican Environmentalism”

“From King Coal to carbon tax: A historical perspective on the energy and climate-change debate”

“Before the Big Spill”

“Climate Change and the Energy Transition: Lessons from History”

“The Environment: Refocusing on the Environmental Crisis”

“Earth Day: The Environmental Movement’s Midlife Crisis”

“Liberals must refight battles of the past”

“Playing the Market: Free markets don’t exist and never could”

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Legal Affairs, November/December 2004, 25-27.

“For the budget-conscious: Cheap oil isn’t worth the price”

“Yes, oil is too expensive — for security, environment”

“Keep Those Gasoline Prices High”

Scholarly Publications

“Environmental Law and the End of the New Deal Order”

“’Everything has a price’: Jimmy Carter and the Struggle for Balance in Federal Regulatory Policy”

“Environmental Law and the End of the New Deal Order”

“Crisis and Continuity in United States Oil Politics, 1965-1980”

“‘The Ultimate Environmental Dilemma’: Making a Place for Historians in the Climate and Energy Debates”

“Rooting Around in Search of Causality”

“Global Warming”

Stanley Kutler, ed., Dictionary of American History, 3rd Edition. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2003.

“‘A Dive into Nature’s Great Grab-bag’: Nature, Gender and Capitalism in the Early Pennsylvania Oil Industry”

Click here to download the pdf (“A Dive into Nature’s Great Grab-bag”)

“Searching for Middle Ground: Native Communities and Oil Extraction in the Northern and Central Ecuadorian Amazon, 1967-1993”

Click here to download pdf (“Searching for Middle Ground”)

“Home and Abroad: The Two ‘Wests’ of Twentieth-Century United States History”

Click here to download the pdf (“Home and Abroad”)

“Voices from the Hydrocarbon Frontier: Canada’s Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (1974-1977)”

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“High Tide of Equal Protection: Justice Raymond L. Sullivan’s Opinions in Serrano and Westbrook”

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